Kristen Dees

Kristen Dees, Founder & Director

  • Graduate from FIDM/ Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and University of La Verne
  • Background in product development, footwear design, public relations, event planning, wholesale & college admissions
  • Created Designer Camp out of a love for educating today's youth about the world of design
  • Design & travel addict 
  • Loves chocolate chip cookies & binging on HGTV shows
Mercedes Curran

Mercedes Curran, Co-Founder & Director

  • Graduate from FIDM/ Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  • Background in brand development, event planning, public relations, and curriculum design
  • Believes  that if you are passionate about design you should be able to experience the opportunities within the world, no matter your age
  • Presently works with brands to develop to tell their story through color design and brand experience
  • Dreams of being a mermaid, traveling the world port to port
Anne-Marie Lockmeyer

Anne-Marie Lockmyer, Orange County Director

  • Award winning author, educator, speaker, coach & business consultant 
  • Background in fashion, public relations, marketing, event planning, public speaking, education and entrepreneurship 
  • Loves helping others discover their unique design and purpose
  • Believes passion is the key to success
  • Can't get to Paris often enough
    Rhonda McCaughey

    Rhonda McCaughey, Orange County Director

    • Public speaker, aspiring actress, mom - not necessarily in that order
    • Background in public relations, marketing, promotion, fashion education, training, and event planning
    • Happiest when traveling or hosting backyard BBQ's that turn into dance parties with family and friends
    • On the lifelong quest to find and consume the best chocolate on earth

      Sarah Shreves, Photography Director

      • Her work as a photographer / director has taken her to conflict zones in the Middle East & Africa as well as directing lifestyle and editorial content for ethical fashion & wellness brands internationally 
      • Honored to be a part of the large cultural shift towards what is sustainable and thoughtful, lead by the brands & individuals she serves
      • Lead by her belief that the whole world is charged with the sacred, Sarah tells visual stories of hope
      • Lately Sarah is finding beauty and joy in the mundane acts of rock climbing, eating avocados and exploring the streets of Inglewood with her niece

      Daniel Curran, Art Director

      • Has a fascination with the craft of storytelling
      • Over 14 years of experience in design, marketing and front-end development
      • Assists companies design direction — a multidisciplinary task that involves creative direction, UI/UX design, brand direction, and how design as a whole impacts the big and small picture of brand vision & story
      • Led Art Direction for the product development and marketing at Apolis, a pioneer of socially responsible apparel manufacturing that empowers global communities
      • Believes " Everything a brand does is advertising" - Lee Clow
      • Greatest joy is seeing his daughter and wife loving life and experiencing the same alongside them
      Allyson Hollis .jpg

      Allyson Hollis, Event Production 

      • Currently studying Visual Communications 
      • Background in event planning, floral design, photography, and social media 
      • Passionate about planning events that create uplifting atmospheres 
      • Loves seeing teens celebrate and strengthen their creativity
      • Loves England, tea, Gilmore Girls and peonies 

      Bri Chocek, Event Production & Camper Relations

        • Graduate from CSULB/ Cal State Long Beach 
        • Background in communication studies, project management and human resources
        • Passionate about health and wellness education 
        • Yoga instructor for at risk youth, PTSD and special needs 
        • Learned how to sew before I could read 
        • Can't collect enough rock n' roll vinyls 
        Haley Turman

        Haley Turman, Development Manager 

        • Graduate from UCLA / University of California, Los Angeles
        • Background in business development, market analysis, product management and operations
        • Believes many of life’s troubles can be cured by the outdoors (ocean, mountains…) and, of course, coffee
        • Works as a business analyst for a tech start up
        • San Diegan and lover of all things coconut
        Brandon Andre

        Brandon Andre, Photography Instructor

        • International Fashion Photographer, Videographer & Social Media influencer
        • Background in art directing, marketing, brand consulting, and brand/image development
        • SoCal native
        • Singer/Songwriter 
        • Sugar addict


        barbara yarza 1.jpg

        Barbara Yarza, Design Mentor 

        • Industrial Designer graduated from UABC/ Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
        • Background in concept design, product design and development, retail design and STEAM education
        • Currently works for The Heritage Box, designing and developing learning material for kids
        • Believes that design is making things better for people
        •  Loves swimming, eating dessert, traveling and bees

          Releigh Cunningham, Intern

          • Recent high school graduate
          • Born and raised in Southern California, second oldest of 5 girls
          • Loves to watch and help students grow in their creativity
          • Could be content living off of just peanut butter
          •  Passionate about translating the importance and impact of the art of design