Nina Hans

Nina Hans / Weekday Studio

Happy to add the talented Nina Hans to our lineup for our Designer Camp 101 Week! Our students will have the opportunity to learn the essential aspects of designing a successful brand through a hands-on workshop led by Nina. 

Nina Hans is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Weekday Studio, a design studio dedicated to helping brands express themselves. A born hustler and forever learner, Nina lives in Downtown Los Angeles with her husband and Co-Founder, Jon. 


Together, they create brand experiences that make their clients, their customers, and communities better. All of this is done through digital and physical design. This includes web design, digital marketing, editorial design, content development, and environmental design. They keep their team small and community large, tailoring teams of various disciplines for each of their clients specific needs. This keeps them diverse, economical, and fresh in order to come up with design that is both beautiful and smart. Some of their clients include Chris Earl, Stephen Kenn, Piper, Tom’s, Los Angeles Metro and Roastorium.