Ariana Rugs

Ariana Rugs

Since 1990, Ariana Rugs has been hard-at-work, growing into a company known for its innovative techniques. Ariana Rugs is a multi-award winning rug company who combines the talent, creativity and resources of three generations in the Ahmadi family.

We are honored to have Ariana Rugs + Knots of Joy sponsor our Designer Camp 101 week! We are so excited to reveal the unique project that we are "weaving" into the camp!

The Ahmadi family has worked hard to build Ariana Rugs Inc. into an empowering company best known for our innovative techniques, having a child-labor free environment, and establishing a foundation in which women feel safe to work and become independent.

As an Afghan-American company, we feel a responsibility to do far more than make and sell rugs. We believe in making a positive impact in not only the rug industry, but in our own homeland of Afghanistan.

         “A rug is a timeless beauty. A piece of art. A piece of history in knots.”          – Ahmad Ahmadi

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